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Our origins began in providing software and consulting services to the health care market for benchmarking labour in cleaning support services. Over the years some our larger customers and adapted our software to provide benchmarking for many other support services functions in building maintenance, food service, and laundry operations.

Daniels Associates International has been working with a range of dedicated clients around the world for over 35 years. In Australia we have been providing a range of support services since 1988. With over 20 years experience in Australia we have built a wealth of expertise in our core areas of business. Our customers are diversified and more than a few are still with us since we started.

We believe a strong part of our success in that we have always delivered what we have promised to our customers. Over the last 20 years we have built a successful network of customers in Australia in the areas of health and aged care, cleaning contractors, building owners and managers, hospitality, and in more recent times, food processors and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In more recent times we became accredited with the Department of Education and Training as a Registered Training Organisation. Our origins as a Registered Training Organisation began at a Trade Show in 1999 when a number of public and private training organisation’s expressed such strong interest in both our expertise and the training products we had developed over the years. This show marked the beginning our highly successful launch into the area of accredited training.

From the beginning we realised a number of short comings with the organisation’s we met in the industry and set out to do better. These are reflected in our core values as a training organisation:

Training must be fun

  • Before delivering our first course we developed process colour manuals with a pictorial approach to training.
  • We developed detailed lesson plans using computer projectors.
  • We developed a fun participative approach to training. Our lessons are more closely aligned with facilitated discussions rather than lectures.
  • Adult learning is based on the principals of seeing is believing. So we set out to develop a range of complementary training aids and materials to facilitate this process.
  • We only hire training consultants who have both the necessary expertise and have the ability to train with a caring sense of humour.

Training must suit the needs of each and every individual employer.

Consulting & Software

With over 30 years of experience in serving a broad spectrum of clients around the world, we remain dedicated to one position – “Daniels can and will directly benefit your bottom line”. Our solutions are performance oriented and our costs reductions are based on application of detailed labour analyses and auditing software.

In an industry not often associated with high technology, Daniels has been a pioneer. As the originator of computerised workloading software, Daniels has installed computer system in tens of thousands of facilities around the globe. Our software programs help refine staffing, improve equipment usage, automate inspections, improve staff scheduling and improve quality control. In each instance Daniels designs a computer profile for our clients buildings. At Daniels we believe that building maintenance and facilities management solutions for each client should be tailored to each clients specific needs.

At Daniels Associates Inc., we have built a successful network around the globe. As the premier provider of consulting service to the Healthcare, Aged Care, Builders Owners, Property Managers and Cleaning Contractors; we are proud to be associated with some of the best-known businesses in the world.

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