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Workloading for Windows

  • If you run an in-house cleaning operation DWL will assist you to manage the cost of cleaning and maintaining you facility.
  • If you are a Building Manager DWL will assist you to understand precisely where you facility budget is being spent.
  • If you are a Cleaning Contractor DWL will assist you in supporting and justifying the coat of your tender.

The DWL program contains over nine hundred cleaning tasks and productivity factors for accurate budgeting and analysis of building costs. The DWL cleaning tasks standards have been developed over 30 years and cover an extensive range of industries from Health & Aged Care to, Offices & Retail, Education, Airports & Aircraft, Industrial & Food Service. If you can’t quiet find the cleaning task you want then change a current task or add your own.

Main Screen

The Main Screen features both drop-down menus and easy to use tool-bar buttons.

Manage users

The Manage Users Screen allows for the entry of multiple users with password protection.
The level of access can be set for each system user.

Cleaning Tasks & Time Standards

The DWL program contains over 900 cleaning time standards. Each cleaning task is categorised according to its function.

The program allows for the editing of existing time standards or the addition of new cleaning tasks and time standards.

Cleaning tasks are entered as either productivity factors i.e. damp mopping or buffing floors are based on cleaning square metres per minute.

Or, cleaning tasks are entered as fixtures and fittings i.e. time taken to clean a microwave or kitchen sink.

Workloading a Building

To workload a building, the size of the building is measured and the building broken down into logical areas.

The size of each area and the type of flooring surface is entered for a building.

Within each area of a building the individual cleaning tasks and the frequency of the tasks are entered.

The program then calculates the total time to clean the building by:

Cleaning Tasks x Productivity Factor for each Task x size of Area.

DWL Reports

The Workloading Reports Available Include:

List of Specifications:

Prints a list of cleaning specifications for the building. This report breaks the building down into Areas and the Cleaning Tasks to be performed in each area.

Staffing Report:

Detailed Workloading Report. Breaks the building down into areas and details the cleaning times for each cleaning task in every area of the building.

Summary per Area:

Lists the Summary cleaning times for each area of the building.

Summary per Task:

Lists the total cleaning time for each individual cleaning task in the building.

Summary per Frequency:

Lists the cleaning times according to their frequency. This reports lists the times for daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning tasks etc.

Workload Summary:

Details the total time to clean a building, staff required, cleaning productivity.

Developing a Building Budget

The Budgeting Facility is used to enter all payroll related information for a building.

Payroll information includes labour data, payroll taxes, chemicals & equipment, profit & overheads.

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