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Government Training Incentives

Student Eligibility – Traineeships

Participation in New Apprenticeship training courses are open to all employees within a company or organisation who have not completed a Certificate Level 3 or higher qualification in any field of study. Both new and existing employees are eligible to participate provided they are working more than 21 hours per week.

Traineeships are available for

  • Full time or part time employees only

How to apply for a Traineeship

Applying for a Traineeship requires the use of a New Apprenticeship Centre. The New Apprenticeship Centre visits your workplace in conjunction with Daniels Associates and completes the necessary paperwork with each employee (this is usually done as a group at a convenient time for your workplace).

The New Apprenticeship Centre then assess the funding eligibility for each employee and applies to the government for funding on your behalf. This process generally takes approximately 3-4 weeks for the New Apprenticeship Centre to process all the paperwork.

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